DeForest Evangelical Free Church

Mission Statement and Core Values

On August 14, 2011 Todd Christopherson gave this message where he reviews the Mission Statement and Core Values of DeForest Evangelical Free Church. It can be listened to online by clicking the button. Alternatively, it can be downloaded and listened to later by following these steps:

If using Microsoft Internet Explorer:

  1. Right mouse click on the button
  2. When the menu appears, choose: 'Save Target As...'
  3. When the save dialog window pops up, choose a place
    that will be easy to find the file after it has finished downloading,
    e.g. - Desktop, My Documents, Etc

If using Firefox, the steps are similar except 'Save Target As...' is called 'Save Link As...'

08/14/2011 Todd Christopherson - Mission Statement and Core Values Right click to download this message