DeForest Evangelical Free Church

Through the Bible: Genesis to Revelation

On on July 26, 2015 Chuck Gaston began a four year journey to preach through the entire Bible one book at a time, beginning with Genesis and ending with Revelation

These messages are categorized by book of the Bible.
Please select the link below to be taken to the desired book of the Bible.

07/26/15 to 07/03/16 Genesis
07/10/16 to 10/09/16 Exodus
11/06/16 to 11/13/16 Leviticus
11/20/16 to 02/19/17 Numbers
03/05/17 to 07/09/17 Deuteronomy
07/30/17 to 10/01/17 Joshua
10/08/17 to 11/05/17 Judges
11/12/17 to 11/19/17 Ruth
12/03/17 to 3/11/2018 I Samuel
03/18/18 to present II Samuel